Careers Advice

As you enter Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) in school, undoubtedly you will be thinking about what you want to do at the end of Year 11. It is normal to feel confused and unsure about this, but DON'T WORRY! Everyone feels exactly the same. Teachers and other adults will be asking you what you want to do, but it is perfectly okay to be unsure still.

There are three main options:

  • Stay on at your current school (if they offer Post 16) or, if not, attend another local school that does offer this
  • Apply to a local college to study on one of their courses to gain your qualifications
  • Apply for an apprenticeship.

There are many things you can you to help with this:

  • In Year 10 or 11 you will be offered a meeting with a careers advisor. This may be a teacher in school, or this may be another agency who will come into school to discuss your career path with you. They are there to offer you their advice so ask as many questions as you need to, discuss the options available and also find out what exams you may need to be able to access your choice of Post 16 option.
  • Ask others what they are doing as they may have thought of something that you hadn't. However, don't choose something just because your best friend has!
  • What do you like doing? If you can think of the career that includes what you enjoy, this is so much better. Try to think this through in advance, as If you have an idea of what you would like to do in the future, it makes Post 16 choices much simpler.
  • Find out about open days for your local schools and colleges for Post 16. These days/evenings are a great way of finding out what is on offer for your area. You are able to look at the school or college, meet with the teachers and even possibly meet new friends that also may be thinking of applying.
  • Check out ideas online. We have added a few sites below that may be of some use to you. They give you Post 16 advice and careers advice.

Approximate timeline:

Spring/Summer Year 10 - Ensure you have had a careers meeting, if not then ask your school to arrange this.

Summer Year 10 - This would be a good time for you to begin looking at what schools and colleges are closest to you, what courses they offer, their open days and what grades are required for you to be able to apply to them.

September Year 11 - Arrange to visit open days at sixth form providers and colleges.

October/November Year 11 - Complete application forms and send them off immediately. Your Virtual School Officer or your school can help with this.


National Careers Service
This is the government website that gives advice on Post 16 pathways and careers.

Post 16
This webpage is for students in the Royal Greenwich borough. However, it does give some good information on Post 16 open days, courses and career pathways. If you do not live in Royal Greenwich, you can access your own borough's website, which will give you similar help.

This site is fantastic for searching for apprenticeships. It is very easy to use: put in the area you live and how far you will travel and search. All available apprenticeships in this category will come up along with the salary and the requirements for you to be able to apply.