Update - COVID 19

During this uncertain time, it is imperative that you use your time wisely if your 6th form/college is not open for lessons. Your teachers will have provided resources and online lessons on your school portals. At this time, we are unclear of examination and university processes, but will update this website as soon as we get any official guidance. Please contact us if you have any worries, so we can reassure you. We are contactable through email and mobile phones at this time.

Guidance that can be offered by the Virtual School to:

Young people embarking on further education

  1. Bursary. The Bursary Fund can help with costs, like equipment you might need for your course, lunch and transport to and from your school or college. You could get a bursary of up to £1200 per year. The bursary is paid directly by your school, college or training provider. They will decide how much and when it is paid.
  2. Additional support for learning. In-class support and extra tuition is available if required.
  3. Benefits of PEPs. PEPs provide a tailored plan that deals specifically with education, SMART targets, obstacles to learning, achievements and pathways to future attainment and employment.
  4. Advice and guidance for university and higher education. The Virtual School can help with UCAS applications and guidance on use of UCAS website. They can also offer the opportunity to speak with care leaver student ambassadors.
  5. Listening to your views and pathways. Attendance at PEP meetings is important as they are student focused.
  6. Funwork Club student mentors and university ambassadors. Attending Funwork Club provides an opportunity to be both a mentor and mentee which can be added to your personal statement when completing university applications.


  1. Guidance to help support young people's education
  2. Help with understanding courses and qualifications
  3. How carers can contribute to PEP meetings
  4. Help to encourage young people to achieve

Social workers

  1. Help to encourage young people to achieve in education
  2. Help to support young people's hopes and aspirations
  3. Help to support the wellbeing of young people.

Are you unsure of career pathways? Have you considered an apprenticeships or an internship to further improve your employability skills? Do you need additional careers advice? Or need advice to re-engage in your learning? If so, email by clicking on the contact tab above.

Our Care Leaver Local Offer can be found here RBG Care Leavers Local Offer

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