COVID-19 Update

We are all currently in a very difficult and trying time, which is completely unprecedented. Due to this factor we have no guidelines to refer to and are having to wait on a daily basis as to the advice that we are able to give. We are being given advice from schools as to what they are able to offer to their cohorts, these clearly differ from one school to another due to many factors, size of school, staff availability, what type of school they are and the resources that they have access to. Some schools are still offering a scaled-down provision for the children in our care to be able to attend.

Due to this, what we are suggesting is that foster carers should look at their schools website to see what they are offering, if in doubt then to contact the school direct or the Virtual School Officer to advise as of Monday 23rd March 2020. However if this is not available or it is felt that the young person will not/cannot attend, then please use resources online. There are numerous websites available that are free to access. Schools are putting these on their websites and we are updating ours over the next days with as many sites that we can for you to use.
If you require further advice, please contact your officer, details are on the contact page.