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The Royal Borough of Greenwich Virtual School's policy on bullying (RBG Virtual School Bullying Policy ) outlines actions schools can take to support to prevent and tackle bullying involving Looked After Children. All incidents of bullying involving a Looked After Child should be reported to the Virtual School.

School Admissions

The School Admissions (Admission Arrangements) (England) Regulations 2008 require admission authorities to give first priority to Looked After Children (CLA) in their oversubscription criteria. Looked After Children should be admitted to schools of their choice and should not be placed on waiting lists. Schools that refuse to admit a looked after children may be “directed" to admit. A school may only challenge a direction to admit if they can demonstrate there would be “serious prejudice" to the education of other children. If you have concerns about the admission of a looked after child, please consult with the Virtual School Headteacher. Read More

School Governors

School governors have an important role to play in championing the needs of Looked After Children on their roll. They can ensure that designated teachers and other relevant staff understand how to actively support local authorities in promoting the educational achievement of Looked After Children. In particular, they can ensure that the needs of Looked After Children are reflected in the school's development plan and self-evaluation. Read More

Information for Schools

In 2012, an All Party Parliamentary report published by the Who Cares trust. Many of the recommendations in this report have now been included in new guidance to LA's that was published in June 2014. New guidance to schools is imminent. Read More

Designated Teachers

Since September 2009, the Governing bodies of maintained schools have had a statutory obligation to appoint a Designated Teacher to promote the educational achievement of lLooked After Children (CLA) on the school roll. Many Looked After Children have suffered disruption to their learning. Gaps in their learning and the emotional impact of their experiences are likely to have become significant barriers to their progress. Excellent practice exists in many schools and making the Designated Teacher role statutory Is helping to ensure this effective practice becomes universal. Read More


At the RBG Virtual School we consider one-to-one tuition for children in our care (CIOC) to be of great benefit when there is a specific identified need to address.

Sometimes our young people struggle with their academic work because, owing to earlier life experiences, there are gaps in their knowledge and understanding which need to be filled. Read More

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