At the The Virtual School we consider one-to-one tuition for children in our care (CIOC) to be of great benefit when there is a specific identified need to address.

Sometimes our young people struggle with their academic work because, owing to earlier life experiences, there are gaps in their knowledge and understanding which need to be filled.

This, in turn, can lead to a lack of self-confidence in some subjects and perhaps low self-esteem as a result.

As the school years progress and topics become more challenging, these gaps can impact on attainment, or on how a particular subject is viewed, or how learning in general is received.

Equally, as examination years approach, some CIOC require extra support with their studies so that they know they can aim for their full potential and achieve their next steps.

The RBG Virtual School wants tuition to be more than just a catchup session; it is so important that it is meaningful and measurable. Because of this, we ask, where possible, that schools refer our young people for the tuition they require in order to do well, and then monitor the outcomes. These outcomes are reviewed with all parties at PEP meetings. With the schools, we aim for all tuition to fill identified gaps, to boost examination skills and content, and to encourage CIOC to be resilient in the face of challenge within their academic study.

To this end, in the past few weeks, we have met with tuition companies to look at how they can best support our young people and ensure a bespoke approach. This has included specialist tuition companies able to support CIOC with a wide range of special educational needs, which employ tutors who can target their approach according to specific needs. Together we have considered the diagnostic tools they have available as well as how they feed back to schools and carers on those areas addressed.

The implementation of new approaches and the monitoring of impact will be ongoing during
2020-21. We hope that this targeted use of Pupil Premium Plus funding will support our CIOC in successfully moving forwards.

Carers can access the Carer Log by clicking here and the post 16 log can be found by clicking here.